Turtling with Sea Darwin

A full moon and Diana Prichard gets up-close-and-personal to egg-laying flatback turtles in the sand dunes on remote Bare Sand Island.  It’s close to sunset and one of the Turtle Tracks Tour party can only walk with the aid of walking sticks, so ambling along the beach of uninhabited Bare Sand Island – west of […]

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What to weather on your Darwin Harbour Cruise

Whoo Hoo on Sea Darwin

The Larrakia stories of the Dreamtime depict an epic interaction of the sun, the wind and the rainbow serpent.  We haven’t come across the Rainbow Serpent yet, but here at Sea Darwin we know about the first two; the sun and the wind and what to expect on Darwin Harbour.  It might be right that […]

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Bare Sand Marine Debri Collection 2012

Bare Sand Island from the air.

Masses of discarded fishing nets, plastic bottles, rubber footwear and other debri washes up each year on the shores of the top end, impacting on nesting turtles and their habitats.  Bare Sand Island is an important nesting ground for flatback turtles, and since the inception of the Turtle Tracks tour Team Turtle have been collecting […]

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