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A new dolphin for Darwin Harbour
02 November 2013

A new dolphin for Darwin Harbour

Darwin Harbour is home to a number of dolphin species. Sea Darwin’s vessel is named after the Snubfin, the shy dolphin which is endemic to northern Australia. Every now and then our passengers are treated to a showing of these smiling mammals, but more often we see the humpback dolphin.

Where science meets soul
10 October 2013

Where science meets soul

​It could have been sensory overload, but the rhythmic flap of the wings from the Jabiru flying overhead and the serene look on the face of our skipper, Sean, gave a different, calming message

08 October 2013

Turtle on a mission

​Meet “Sandy”, the latest flatback turtle to be released as part of a research project under the North Australian Marine Research Alliance (NAMRA) which is looking at how ghost nets affect turtle populations in the Arafura Sea and Timor Sea regions.

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