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Posted on 13 March, 2024

A Glimpse into 2024 with Sea Darwin – Sea Tiwi

A Glimpse into 2024 with Sea Darwin – Sea Tiwi

Charting the Course:

Welcome aboard as we charter the course for Sea Darwin - SeaTiwi towards an exciting 2024. The dedication of our crew during the recent quiet months has positioned us for a year ahead of exceptional service and quality experiences.

As a symbol of our evolution to being 100% percent Tiwi owned, we commissioned two beautifully crafted images from talented Tiwi artists Fiona Kulparntuwu Kerinainua and Ancilla Warlapijimawu Kurrupuwu to incorporate into our branding. The delightful images of a Marntuwunyini (Dugong) and Kitirika (Female Green Turtle) are significant, not only because they hold important cultural and spiritual significance to the Tiwi people, but also because these sea creatures play a crucial role in the marine ecosystems of our coastlines. Keep an eye out for snippets of these beautiful pieces woven into our new branding, which signifies the rich history of Sea Darwin alongside the Tiwi heritage that we now proudly represent.

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Despite these subtle branding changes, our compass of commitment remains unchanged. The quality, safety and professionalism of our products will continue to shine brightly in 2024. And as another plus, we have taken time over the quiet months to meticulously refurbish our vessels to ensure every cruise is a comfort-laden, secure experience on the most stylish vessels operating out of Darwin Harbour.

Introducing Discover Darwin Harbour:

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In our quest to provide unparalleled experiences on the water, we're thrilled to launch the "Discover Darwin Harbour" afternoon cruise. This unique one hour voyage allows the tide and the season to steer the adventure, ensuring that no two journeys are the same. Whether it's navigating through mangrove waterways to check on a crocodile trap or making a spontaneous visit to a sandbar, the cruise promises surprise or adventure at every turn.

Beyond the natural wonders, "Discover Darwin Harbour" will dive into the rich tapestry of Darwin’s history. From pivotal shipwreck sites that whisper tales of bravery, to the eclectic mix of Darwin's maritime heritage, each element of the cruise is thoughtfully curated. Modern-day intrigue also finds its place, offering a glimpse into the harbour's contemporary significance. This blend of exploration, history, and unexpected discoveries makes "Discover Darwin Harbour" an essential experience for anyone looking to connect with the heart and soul of Darwin.

Discover Darwin Harbour will operate 6 days a week at 1.30pm – 2.30pm from 16 April 2024 to 30 September 2024.

Beyond the Horizon: Sea Tiwi Development

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In 2024, Sea Darwin - Sea Tiwi remains dedicated to fostering exemplary responsible tourism practices, as evidenced by our ongoing Advanced Eco and Respecting Our Culture (ROC) Certification. The Tiwi consider their land and sea to be sacred, living entities deeply woven into their cultural, spiritual, and social fabric. Sharing this ancient culture and pristine environment through authentic tourism experiences requires extensive and respectful consultation.

In developing our Sea Tiwi products, we are driven by a vision for culturally immersive experiences that honour the Tiwi Islands' delicate ecosystems. With deep respect, we're actively listening to the Tiwi Elders and clan groups as they share their thoughts about tourism on their country. We will ensure that each tourism product is developed collaboratively, earning not only regulatory approval but, most importantly, the blessing of the Tiwi people. Our goal is to bring to the market authentic tours that celebrate the enduring vibrancy of Tiwi culture, and which reflect the spiritual essence of their land and sea country.

In the meantime, in 2024 we will be privileged to offer several inclusive one-off Tiwi experiences. These will include the ever-popular Football Grand Final and Art Show trip. Additionally, two unique, culturally significant Sea Darwin - Sea Tiwi events are in the early planning stages, promising an unforgettable immersion into Tiwi life. Stay tuned on our socials!

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Sea Darwin acknowledges the Larrakia and the Tiwi as custodians of the saltwater country in which we live, work, play and cruise.

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