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Posted on 05 March, 2019

Darwin Fish' Chip Sunset Cruise - The Pledge

Darwin Fish' Chip Sunset Cruise - The Pledge

Here at Sea Darwin we identify as an eco-tourism business. We are all about sustainable tourism, showcasing the wonderful marine environment of the Top End in a sensitive and respectful way. Our engaging and informative tours also support our local economy; we employ local guides and support local businesses.

For our Sunset Fish ’n’ Chip cruise this means we are committed to some fairly basic principles, and we'd like to share them with you:

  • We serve the best fish ’n’ chips in Darwin – sourced from either Mal at La Beach or Rachael at the Seafood Shack, both local small businesses that take exceptional pride in their product.
  • The fish you enjoy is the freshest of the fresh, caught by the fishing boats you see at Duck Pond. Both Mal and Rachael are daily visitors to the fish market and know exactly the boat the fish came from, who caught it and what they were wearing yesterday!
  • The fish is wild caught and not farmed, which means the type of fish you eat depends on the season, the weather and the accessibility of the fishing grounds.
  • We will show you why our NT wild-caught seafood is so delicious and so good for you – Darwin Harbour and the connecting Timor and Arafura seas are remarkably clean. What’s not to love about this stunning coastal destination!
  • The Fish ’n’ Chips are intended to be eaten in the best (and in our opinion, the only) way possible – with your fingers, gently cruising in a comfortable boat on the sea. The bamboo forks are merely an option. We love to see you digging in – and licking your fingers is a desirable outcome. A feast for the tummy and the eyes!
  • We are proud to live in the town that introduced Seafood labelling laws to Australia. We believe that you have a right to know the truth about what seafood you are eating, wherever you be.
  • Our dining platform is intended to be relaxed and convivial. You might or might not have a tray, but you will have you lap. You are guaranteed to have a water view, and the highlights of our seascape will be pointed out to you with some quirky stories from the Captain thrown in.
  • Your crew will be Darwin locals. We don’t charge any extra to get tips from them about where to go and what to do in this wonderful destination of the endless summer. They won’t be wearing shoes, but then not many people do in Darwin!

This is our Sunset Fish’n Chip pledge, we look forward to having you aboard to get your fingers a little bit salty. 

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Sea Darwin acknowledges the Larrakia people as custodians of the saltwater country in which we live, work, play and cruise.

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