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Posted on 19 April, 2019

Trawler to Tour - Good Friday Fish'n Chips

Trawler to Tour - Good Friday Fish'n Chips

On this beautiful dry season like day in the Top End of Australia we give a huge shout out to our Good Friday fish supply chain, Normie from Taroona Pty Ltd and Rachael, from Rachael's Seafood Shack. Thanks to these people we will be out on the water this evening, serving yummy fresh local wild caught mackerel on our Sunset Fish’n Chip cruise.

Meet Normie, aka Norman Hedditch, who started his fishing company in 1987. Most Darwinians would be familiar with his vessels. Maybe not their names, (Andirina Pearle, South Seas Daniela and the Rat Patrol), but certainly their presence, as the frequently photographed Duck Pond is home when they are not out on the high seas.  

Trawler to Tour - Good Friday Fish'n Chips

When the weather is good, Normie heads offshore for anywhere between 5 to 14 days to bring home fresh trunks of mackerel as well as frozen fillets. Working over 12 hours a day on a hook and line operation, every single fish is pulled in by hand. He sees extraordinary sunrises and sunsets; he practices sustainable fishing methods; he is at peace with the ocean and he is an oh so reliable source of fresh fish to Darwin. Thankyou Normie!

And when Normie returns to the Duck Pond, salt encrusted and smelling a wee bit fishy, Rachael Ciesiolka is there waiting. Line caught Spanish Mackerel is one of her favorite fish to cook. The firm white flesh is exceptionally versatile, and she heroes it on her Shack menu offering it in a variety of different ways, and complimented by one of her secret sauce recipes.  

Rachael has had a lifetime of travelling around Australia. She has a master chef passion about seasonal, local produce. When she settled in Darwin the pleasure she experienced in getting out on a boat, exploring the estuaries and the ocean, catching and cooking delectable delights, led her to establish her own business, Rachael’s Seafood Shack. Rachael’s is a casual dining experience which only serves freshly caught NT and Australian seafood. It is simply seafood and service with a smile, and it is here that we source our Good Friday fish’n chips. Thankyou Rachael!

Trawler to Tour - Good Friday Fish'n Chips

This evening we will pull our vessel Flatback into Fisherman's Wharf at around 6 o'clock and our guests will get to eat some fresh local wild caught Northern Territory fish served with chips.   And because it will be a very frantic Good Friday for our small business food supply chain of Taroona Pty Ltd and Rachael's Seafood Shack, we use this occasion to relay the fishy tale from trawler to tour, as our way of saying a very big thank you! 

Trawler to Tour - Good Friday Fish'n Chips

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