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Posted on 09 July, 2024

Welcome to the Dry Season 2024!

Welcome to the Dry Season 2024!

The dry season in Darwin is always a time of perfect endless summer weather, vibrant activity and alfresco pleasures! This year, Dry Season 2024 promises even more excitement with new experiences and stories waiting to unfold.

Discover Darwin Harbour

This year, we introduced our newest adventure — the "Discover Darwin Harbour" afternoon cruise. Launched in April 2024, this one-hour cruise offers an affordable and stimulating glimpse into the history, habitat, and allure of Darwin Harbour. Operating six days a week from 1.30pm to 2.30pm during the dry season, this cruise ensures each departure is unique, as the tide, season, nature and harbour activity craft different narratives every day.

Expect to traverse through mangrove waterways, possibly checking on a crocodile trap or alternatively, finding a Darwin Harbour sandbar. The cruise is not just about nature; it also dives deep into Darwin's history. From exploring pivotal shipwreck sites to understanding Darwin's maritime heritage, each element is thoughtfully curated to provide a rich tapestry of experience. Modern-day intrigue is also part of the itinerary, making this cruise an essential experience for anyone seeking to understand the heart and soul of Darwin.

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Destination Ngulbitjik (Bare Sand Island)

Next on our list is the enigmatic Ngulbitjik, also known as Bare Sand Island. This is the destination of our Turtle Tracks Tour, offering an unparalleled experience that combines wildlife and natural beauty with cultural and historical significance. Ngulbitjik is famed for its extraordinary sunsets, unique WWII history, various bird species, occasional crocodiles, as well as the stars of our Turtle Tracks tour, the significant population of nesting Flatback turtles.

Ngulbitjik is the land and sea country of the Kenbi people. With the gracious permission of the Kenbi Traditional Owners, we can invite you to add this isle of intrigue to your bucket list. Our Turtle Tracks tour is carefully timed around the moon cycle, aligning with the nesting habits of the turtles. Additionally, as in previous years, we are honoured to collaborate with Austurtle, a non-profit organization that conducts essential research on the island. This year, 5% of each Turtle Tracks tour ticket sold will be donated to Austurtle, contributing to vital Flatback turtle research.

Welcome to the Dry Season 2024!

Transition to Tiwi Ownership

Last but certainly not least, we highlight the ongoing transition to new business ownership by Tiwi Enterprises, a 100% indigenous non-profit organisation. This year, our focus is on continuing the stellar products we offer on Darwin Harbour while preparing for an exciting phase of product expansion.

Acknowledging the Tiwi Enterprises Director’s first entree in the marine tourism industry, we are committed to ensuring that our operations reflect Tiwi cultural values. Our current staff are undergoing specific training to become effective mentors and partners to future Tiwi staff members. This commitment to building relationships and fostering connections underscores our mission to deliver meaningful, responsible tourism experiences that operate both on Darwin Harbour and beyond the horizon.

Welcome to the Dry Season 2024!

Our Sea Darwin-Sea Tiwi 2024 Darwin dry season offers a blend of history, nature, and cultural appreciation. Whether you’re cruising through Darwin Harbour in the afternoon, exploring Ngulbitjik, enjoying our Darwin Harbour Sunset Cruise, or witnessing the growth of Tiwi Enterprises, this season promises unforgettable adventures.

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We look forward to welcoming you and sharing the incredible stories and experiences that make this part of the Top End so very special!

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Sea Darwin acknowledges the Larrakia and the Tiwi as custodians of the saltwater country in which we live, work, play and cruise.

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