The Sea Darwin Experience

Year round Darwin Harbour cruises - interpretative tours and experiences on Top End saltwater country.

Nature dictating - our Sea Darwin Eco Cruises are intimate, nature-minded and offer experiences that foster lasting connections with the natural side of life.

Exploring the expanse of Darwin Harbour – its history, its habitat, its intrigue.

Meeting Bare Sand Island Turtles in their world on their terms.

Luxury Darwin Waterfront Apartments for those who need to be near the sea.

Multi Award Winning Darwin Harbour cruises - history, turtle and sunset tours


Australia’s Frontline: WWII Bombing of Darwin

 Half Day Bombing of Darwin Tour - by land and

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Sea Darwin Harbour Highlights

The Highlights of Darwin HarbourSee Darwin

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Sea Darwin Sunset Fish'n Chips

Sunset Fish’n Chips – Award Winning Darwin Sunset Cruise

A Unique Darwin Sunset Cruise.The most affordable and unique Darwin Sunset

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Adult Flatback Turtle Tracks Cruise

Turtle Tracks

Turtle Tracks is a sunset odyssey for those with a spirit of adventure.

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