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Our Reflection – Turtle Tours 2014


  As the clouds start to form and first rain hits the sand-dunes on Bare Sand Island, we know that our 2014 turtle tours have come to an end. And what a year it was, with memorable events and precious moments, some captured on camera and others not. The traditional start of the Sea Darwin [...]

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The Rules of Bare Sand Island

Crocodile at Bare Sand Island

On our last new moon Turtle Tracks cruise Team Turtle were asked by an inquisitive young soul why Turtle Island had so many rules.  The answer is really summed up in the briefing that we give guests before they step onto the island: Safety on Bare Sand Island To look after our guests it is [...]

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Darwin Waterfront Accommodation

Darwin Waterfront Apartments

Need Darwin Waterfront Accommodation? Then check out Darwin Waterfront Apartments – Luxury Apartments minutes from the CBD For those who need to be near the sea ….just metres from the high tide mark of Kitchener Bay. Darwin Waterfront Apartments are exclusive holiday and corporate short stay apartments showcasing Darwin history and lifestyle. Neptuna celebrates Darwin’s [...]

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