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Posted on 05 December, 2014 in Darwin , Tours

Wet Season Sunset Cruise on Darwin Harbour

Wet Season Sunset Cruise on Darwin Harbour

It’s lonely out there on Darwin Harbour now, with many of the sunset cruise operators taking a well earned rest, but Sea Darwin is still open for business with three of four products running.

Sunset Fish’n Chips is operating on Wednesdays and Saturday right throughout the wet season; Darwin Harbour Highlights on the same days (minimum numbers apply) and Australia’s Frontline has departures scheduled in line with AAT Kings Bombing of Darwin tour.

A sunset cruise on Darwin Harbour in the wet season can be a truly memorable experience, with storms cells often swirling around the harbour making for majestic photo opportunities with the speccy cloud formations, and for those with a quick finger the occasional lightning shot can be had. With the benefit of travelling on a fast boat, we can maximize opportunities if we see something interesting that needs to be looked at out of our usual path, and we use those same fast engines if we see weather approaching that we need to be clear of. Any Sea Darwin experience is an adventure, and being out on the water at sunset over the wet season is one of the best.

This wet season we are remembering 40 years since Tracy visited, and as part of our Sunset Fish’n Chips cruise we visit the site of the wreck of the MV Bluebird, a fishing vessel that met her fate on during the cyclone. In addition to the glorious Top End sunset, our Sunset Fish’n Chips cruise is up close and personal with Darwin Harbour, with interpretation and hosting from local guides who know the stories, the history and the intrigue of the saltwater country.

Your Sunset Fish’n Chips cruise is priced at $55 for adults and $40 for children, with a family price of $170. This includes a serve of fresh locally wild caught fish and chips cooked to perfection at La Beach Cullen Bay, and a drink for the bar. The Snubfin has a full licence for those who would like another.

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Sea Darwin acknowledges the Larrakia and the Tiwi as custodians of the saltwater country in which we live, work, play and cruise.

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